Franco Bassi Men’s collection ‘the most beautiful’

A self-contained range made up of scarves, ties and handkerchiefs made with the modern man in mind, who divides his wardrobe between work and down-time. Perhaps he might wish to convey a certain relaxed sartorial ‘indifference,’ but don’t be fooled, he will be more than just a little debonair! Silk, cashmere, wool, and modal are the principal yarns for the winter months, offered either singularly or as blends. For the warmer summer months the collections are made up of products composed of silk, cotton and linen yarns. The designs are understated and simple; translated and updated from the world of classic neat designs and stripes. Enormous care and attention is also paid to the dying and washing processes that give the final products their finishing touch. The color palette is composed of tones of blue and brown; a combination that characterizes the Bassi brand. These colours are enriched with intense seasonal tones such as the forest green, peacock turquoise, berry red and warm orange.

Must Haves

Must haves in the scarf range are the modal maxi vintage prints of Indian paisley and the Southeast Asian Ikat prints. Ikat is a form of dyeing technique where parts of the cloth do not absorb the dye, thus creating the basis of the design. The maxi patchwork prints are now a classic signature of the Brand.

Mr&Mrs Dot

Mr&Mrs Dot Collection is a “artisanal” product with a globetrotter taste.

The tie clothes are a top selection of Franco Bassi and they are woven in Como; they get delivered to the south of India where skilled people hand embroider them on hand looms one by one. The embroidered cloth comes back to Como where we sew the tie.

Each tie is unique. Loop and tipping are made of the original madras cotton check. The shawls present typical patterns from the Asian tradition, this collection we have mainly indian themes. They are screen printed