Your customized tie

The tie that you put on should be a mirror of your mood that day, so choose it to match how you feel that day. If an important day awaits, I would suggest that you choose a striking tie, that, together with a striped shirt and a pair of cufflinks, will set you up to face the day with authority and style. A blue based tie is always a safe option, perhaps adding coloured details in the design. Nowadays a 8cm or 8.5cm wide tie (measure across the widest point of the tie) is the most serious option, with a small and neat knot. Take time to look at yourself in the mirror; enjoy the pleasure of your choice of tie before you move choosing the other clothes that you will wear today …perfect!

the tie will be made entirely by hand and and will take 3/4 weeks to make


  • 1. Choose your cloth
  • 2. Choose your tipping/stay stich/initials
  • 3. Choose your tie width